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Mac also support AirPlay

AirPlay features Apple’s new video equipment can be transferred iOS second-generation Apple TV to play, so users may want, whether they can be used on theMac function? In fact, after the break after a certain Mac can also use AirPlay.

A hacker named Erica Sadun announced that she can self Bonjour AirPlay service,send video from iPhone to Mac. This is for those using the iMac (or any other Mac), Cinema Display as TV is good news for users.

Bonjour is Apple’s Mac OS X 10.2, after the introduction of the service is to findservices in the local area network, a main method that allows users in any settingwithout a network connection. Apple actually connecting via Bonjour iOS and Apple TV.

Erica Sadun advantage of this principle, established by Bonjour iOS contact with theMac, so in theory, Erica Sadun of the crack can also be used for PC, because Appleto PC users with Bonjour service. But Erica Sadun said she has no intention of PCversion of the crack.

Are interested in exploring the Mac users can download from Erica Sadun’s Mac OS X alpha version (or download directly from the site.) Users do not need to jailbreakiOS devices also support Erica Sadun tools.

Tools Download:

AirPlayer-0.01.zip (252 K)

Download Full Version

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