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MacBook Air Revenues Could Hit $2.2 Billion or Higher

Apple MacBook Air sales have been increasing 300% quarter over quarter with over 420,000 units shipped in Q4 2010, according to J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz.
Moskowitz believes that this growth is not an anomaly but the beginning of a trend as the MacBook Air evolves into a "quasi-tablet" for the productivity user.
"While still representing a small percentage today, we expect the MacBook Air to become an integral part of the Mac business over time," Moskowitz writes. "C4Q10 was the first quarter in which the MacBook Air accounted for greater than 10 percent of total Apple PC units. More importantly, the MacBook Air accounted for 15 percent of total notebook unit sales during the quarter, versus 5 percent in the prior year. Even with the MacBook Air’s strong performance in C4Q10, it represented only roughly 5 percent of total Apple Mac units and revenues for C2010. We see ample opportunity for this percentage to increase over time, given the improved tech specs and more attractive pricing of the second-generation MacBook Air."
Moskowitz says if Apple can sales of 420,000 units a quarter and keep pricing stable, annual MacBook Air revenues could reach $2.2 billion or higher.
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