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Magic Piano v5.0.7 Hack Unlimited Smoola

Magic Piano 5.0.2 hackMagic Piano v6.0.0 Hack Unlimited Smoola

It’s been a long long time since the last time I made Magic Piano hack to get unlimited smoola. Just today, Magic Piano has been updated to version 5.0.6 with all new redesigned, so I decided to update Magic Piano hack for our VIP members.  Here we go with Magic Piano 5.0.6 hack to get unlimited Smoolas on iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch with jailbroken ready.

Magic Piano Hack newest updated on Aug 14

Good for you Smule, tried to changed the codes!!

What’s New in Magic Piano Version 5.0.7

– Localization support for Korea and Japan. More languages coming soon!
– Squashed more bugs. More bug squashing on the way.

Magic Piano 5.0.7 hack features:

  • Unlimited Smoola

How to hack Magic Piano 5.0.7 to get unlimited Smoolas:

1. Download and install Magic Piano 5.0.7. Exit Game and close from multitask.

2. Download Magic Piano v5.0.7 hack from the link given below.

3. Unzip the file. Connect your device to your PC/Mac.

4. Copy the file “Magic Piano” to var/mobile/Applications/Magic Piano/Magic Piano.app/

5. Overwrite existing file.

6. Set permissions to 777 to the file ” Magic Piano” with iFile.

7. Reboot your device.

8. Done!

Wait! You need proof? There is no needed to prove because you are at iPlayPlus. Everything here is real and working! Or your money back!!!

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Magic Piano v6.0.0 Hack Unlimited Smoola

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  1. Vertillano V Comota Relevo

    don’t know why but it’s not working… i successfully replaced the ipa but upon opening the game, there are no changes whatsoever…

  2. Can you please update to v5.0.3? Thank you!!

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