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Majority of First Wave iPad 2s Will Be 3G Models

A majority of iPad 2s which are being produced for launch are GSM/UMTS or CDMA 3G capable, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities.

AppleInsider notes that Apple is expected to offer the new iPad in three versions: a WiFi only model, a GSM/UMTS version for AT&T and most other carriers globally, and a CDMA/EVDO model for Verizon (and possibly other CDMA carriers in the future). These versions are said to be code named K93, K94 and K95, respectively.

In speaking to AppleInsider, Kuo said his checks in the Far East indicate production figures of 38 percent for the K93 WiFi model, 46 percent of the K46 3G model, and 16 percent for the Verizon-compatible K95 CDMA version. This indicates that Apple apparently expects most iPad 2 users will opt for 3G models, even on Verizon where new iPhone buyers have the option to pay $20 for hotspot service through their new smartphone.

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