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Maps+ Aims to Supercharge Google Maps on Your iDevice

Maps+ is a universal app for your iPhone and iPad that combines common mapping features, courtesy of the Google Maps back-end, with advanced location and tracking capabilities usually found in standalone GPS tracking apps. The app can record and edit your GPS tracks and tweet your location, for starters.
But that’s so last century. How about pinning location-based alarms on the map? This is when things get interesting. For example, a location alarm lets you remind yourself to get off at a train station. Maps+ will also do route directions with alternatives, transit points and bike routes, but only if you are located in the United States. Here are two nice iPad screenies and more info…
You can import your location-based alarms, tracks and pins by opening a GPX file in Safari and export them to a GPX file that can be shared via email or transferred to your computer through the iTunes file sharing feature. I also love the ability to link to pins and alarms on the web (see example here). Wrapping up, if you’re looking for an all-in-one mapping and GPS tracking app, consider Maps+, a free download from the App Store. Bear in mind that most advanced features are limited unless you Unlock them via an in-app purchase. For example, you cannot use Twitter integration and import bookmarks in the free version. Additionally, it limits your labels, route bookmarks, track bookmarks and alarm bookmarks to one per item. Pin bookmarks are limited to three, route transit points are limited to two and track recordings are limited to two kilometer.

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