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Few days ago, Mass Effect Infiltrator has been updated to version 1.0.3 with a new mission added. And of course many of gamers started searching the newest [email protected] for MASS EFFECT™ INFILTRATOR v1.0.3.  Same old here at iPlayPlus.org will give you this MASS EFFECT™ INFILTRATOR 1.0.3 [email protected] free for everyone to download.So, what you can get after you used this cheats? First all of, 5 million credits. Then think about the weapons ,Biotics,Abilities, Melee,Helmets and armor. Well, take a look the screen shots below.Like it then started using it for your own.



How to get credits on 5 million Mass Effect Infiltrator:

1. Install & Run MASS EFFECT™ INFILTRATOR v1.0.3. Exit Game and close from multitask.

2. Download & Copy folder “Documents”  to var/mobile/applications/ME Infiltrator/

3. Overwrite existing file and make sure permissions are set as follow

User: Read, Write  (here’s how to set permissions)

4. Enjoy 5 million credits and more on MASS EFFECT™ INFILTRATOR  brought to you by James, ONLY HERE at iPlayPlus.org

Note** You might change the interface language after using the hack, but you can change it back to your language.


Download link

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Update: Unlimited everything on Mass Effect Infiltrator:(jailbreak Required)

1. Install and run Mass Effect Infiltrator 1.0.3. Exit game and close from multitask.

2. Download Mass Effect Infiltrator 1.0.3 hack from the link given below.

3. Unzip the file. Use iFunbox or iTools copy the file “MassEffect” to var/mobile/Applications/ME Infiltrator/MassEffect.app/

4. Overwrite existing file. Make sure set permissions to 777 to the file “MassEffect” using iFile.

5. Reboot your device.

6. Done! Enjoy!! A lot of hack features on Mass Effect Infiltrator 1.0.3 hack.


Download here 

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Please note: You need to go to store purchase credits, BUT, don’t tap “buy”,you just tap “cancel”, then you got the credit pack.

Download Full Version

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  1. the account for the file is suspended, can you reupload plz

  2. i have a problem with that file… after trying to play a game.. it doesnt save…. so when i try to start the game from where i left it crashes…. 

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