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Meltdown© IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

MeltdownMeltdown© IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Become the most skilled soldier and get the best upgrades.
Choose your weapons, buckle up and start your mission.
You need to get rid of all the different robots.
Enemies have different combat styles and gear.
Each enemy has it’s own special AI, adapt to them.

Meltdown is an intense arcade-shooter Game
Clear all the levels and survive in the Arenas !

30 Random Generated Levels
10 Fire weapons upgradable
5 Melee weapons to cut down enemies
Online Cross-Platform Co-Op Up to 4Players
3 Specializations (Soldier/Engineer/Medic)

Meltdown ipa

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Download Meltdown IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch: iTunes | Hugefiles

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