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MetaEditor Now With Multiple IPTC Edit


Independent developer Cyril Godefroy has announced that Meta Editor 3.0 is here. The first professional iPad metadata editor app has been upgraded and updated to take advantage of all the power of the iPad 1 and the iPad 2. It is now even more useful, powerful and easy to use.
Professional photographers will find all the tools they need to quickly mass-edit the meta information of IPTC fields directly on their iPad before sending pictures to an agency by ftp, uploading to Flickr, or sharing with their PC later.

"Version 3.0 has improved on speed, caching to make the edition of pictures a more pleasant experience. And the metadata information can now be edited on mutiple pictures at once" says Cyril Godefroy, the developer and creator of that app. "The feedback of current users has been essential to add these new features: editing multiple images at once was the number one request. As I added it, I also had to make it easier for users to sort their pictures, as having just one folder of all images, even with the search in title tags and description, was a mess. I tried to keep it simple with just one level of albums."

MetaEditor for the iPad works with the iPad 1 and 2, and allows to export easily several full images with all their iptc fields and EXIF fileds untouched to an FTP server or a Flickr account. "I noticed that the Flickr app itself didn’t provide the full image, and thus didn’t upload the Exif information from your pictures. That’s really too bad". With this app you can mass edit your shots and upload them at once to flickr.

Features include:
* Import several pictures at once
* Organize, move into different albums
* Edit all IPTC fields
* Tools for editing location or date
* Basic thesaurus provided, add your own tags
* Export by mail
* Export to bookmarked FTP servers
* Export to flickr
* Save to iTunes shared library
Pricing and Availability:
Meta Editor 3.0 is $14.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photography category.


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