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MetalStorm: Online v5.2.0 Hack

MetalStorm: Online 5.2.0 hackIt’s been a long time since I updated MetalStorm: Online 4.2.3 hack, and it was like I almost forgot this Game. As you might already knew,MetalStorm: Online is an online Game and the game data stored in server, so that is nearly impossible to get hacked. From the version 5.0.0, they have changed the codes and everything, so if you looking for credits and coins hack, you can now skip this post.

What’s New in MetalStorm: Online Version 5.2.0

Take to the skies in our 5.2 update packed with seven new planes, and for the first time ever, AN ALL NEW MISSILE!

NEW MISSILE – The all new Matra T-55 Missile is locked and loaded. You can pick up these powerful missiles using Medals earned from gameplay.

NEW PLANES – We’re adding the following 7 new planes to the Hangar:

• UT-37 Vindicator
• EY-20 Isis
• AT-77 Tundra

• TK-42 Karma
• EY-19 Anubis
• NK-99 Quicksilver

• MO-10 Condor

PVP CHANGE – Due to overwhelming player feedback, pilots will no longer be credited with a Win upon disconnect in PVP.

MetalStorm: Online 5.2.0 hack feature:

  1. Unlimited ammo

How to hack MetalStorm: Online 5.2.0 with jailbreak:

1. Download and install MetalStorm: Online 5.2.0,it’s free on App store.

2. Download MetalStorm: Online 5.2.0 hack from the link given below.

3. Unzip the file. Use iFunbox/itools copy the file “MetalStorm” to var/mobile/Applications/MetalStorm/MetalStorm.app/

4. Overwrite existing file.

5. Set permissions to 777 then reboot your device.

6. Done! Enjoy unlimited coins and credits on MetalStorm: Online 5.2.0 brought to you by J8mesz only here at iPlayPlus

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