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Microsoft Announces Bing Maps SDK for iOS

Microsoft has announced a new Bing Maps SDK for iOS devices.
This new SDK gives developers a set of Objective C classes to develop iPhone and iPad applications within Xcode, along with documentation and several sample projects to help them get started quickly. The iOS map control supports Bing’s road, aerial and hybrid aerial map styles, and includes the ability to add pushpins to the maps and access the user’s location via the GPS to locate the phone on the map.
In keeping with our focus on performance across the Bing Maps platform, we have separated the Bing Maps Controls from the Bing Maps services to lighten the load. This means you can use the Bing Maps iOS Control in conjunction with the Bing Maps REST Service (Geocoding and Routing) to build a fully featured mobile map application. Additionally, you can hit Bing search services to pull local listing information.

Microsoft says its terms of use for Bing Maps are less restrictive then the terms for Apple Map Kit. You can learn more at the link below…
[via BusinessInsider]

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