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Microsoft released the game Kinectimals in app store

One of the first things I bought last holiday season after receiving a Kinect as a gift was Kinectimals. My kids loved it, but we found it can get a little tedious after a while. There it sits on the shelf of unplayed games… But perhaps when my kids get little iPod touches this holiday they’ll revisit the Game now that it is on iOS.

Yep, Microsoft has released Kinectimals for the iPhone and iPad, or an iPod touch — provided you have a front-facing camera, of course. Actually the app is compatible with the 3GS as well, but that seems like a recipe for frustrating gameplay (considering the point is visual feedback between you and your pet). Perhaps it is a trust exercise on the 3GS.

The app weighs in at 178 MB, and currently costs US$2.99. This isn’t the first app to use the camera as an input device, and no doubt we’ll see more, but it’s cool to see a Kinect game migrate to iOS nonetheless.

This irresistible mobile experience gives you the chance to use your phone to visit the island of Lemuria and play with, care for and fall in love with your very own cub. Bring your pet with you wherever you go! If you’ve already experienced Kinectimals on Kinect for Xbox 360, your phone becomes the key to unlocking five new cubs on your console. Stand-alone mobile game features Kinectimals’ signature visual quality, delightful animation and brand new ways to play with your cub!

You can download Kinectimals 1.0 cracked IPA form the link given below.

Kinectmals for iPhone ipa

Download Kinectimals v1.0 cracked ipa for iPhone,iPad

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