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Mighty Fin Exclusive Hands-On Preview

Mighty Fin is a Game that looks especially great in motion, so we’re happy to present the exclusive first trailer below. This trailer gives you a good idea of the gameplay mechanics, environments, and beautiful soundtrack. Look for Mighty Fin to hit the App Store soon.

Back before cell phones had touchscreens, tilt control, and ridiculously fast processors, a sub-genre of simple one-button games ruled the mobile scene. You could squeeze a lot of gameplay out of these timing-based titles, and the upcoming Mighty Fin shows that they can still be a lot of fun.

Mighty Fin is developed by Launching Pad Games, who also made the hilarious Scarlett and the Spark of Life adventure Game for iOS. While they’re working on Scarlett episode 2, Launching Pad made a simple timing game that seems to owe a bit of its design to Tiny Wings.


Like in Tiny Wings, you play as an animal who has to swoop gracefully through rows of coins to obtain a high score. In Mighty Fin, though, you play as a bug-eyed fish. When your fish is underwater, you can hold down on the screen to dive, then release to let your fish jump out of the water.

There are eight levels for you to splash around in, and they add increasingly complex, random patterns of platforms and enemies. If you hit any reef or predator, it’s game over. The eight levels are fairly short, lasting only a minute or two apiece, but you can also replay each one in an unlockable endless mode.


The rhythmic gameplay is a lot of fun, and we had trouble stopping ourselves from playing through the whole game in one sitting. In addition to Game Center leaderboards for each level, you can try to Unlock funny gear for your fish, like a snorkel, Hulk Hogan ‘stache, or afro with a hair pick.

Another fun touch? At the end of each level, you can help Fin make one final jump out of the water, and fly off into the sky. Mighty Fin will be available in the App Store in a few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye out for this strong swimmer.

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