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Minebuilder v1.9.4 gets better level generator

Minebuilder is a Game like minecraft, you can craft things
and build your own world. Currently there is a lot
work in progress, so expect a lot of updates!

Some problems have been reported regarding the second generation iPod touch. I am working on a fix, and it should be available asap.

For the server program (windows/Mac), go to the forum:

* Place/Remove blocks
* Crafting
* Monsters
* Texture packs
* Multiplayer

Planned for version 1.10:
* Animals

What’s New in Version 1.9.4

-Better level generator
-Possible fix for non working buttons
-Fog option in the settings menu
-Brighter nights
-Minor tweaks


Minebuilder ipa

Download Minebuilder v1.9.4 cracked ipa

Download Full Version

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  1. umm do u guys have the new 1.10 version?! that just came out yesterday..or today?! would really love to get it!! 😀

  2. The link doesn’t work please if you can send me the pack through email would really appreciate it thx!!
    Email: [email protected]

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