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Minecraft: Story Mode Hack [Unlocked All Episodes]

Minecraft Story Mode hack
Minecraft Story Mode hack

Minecraft: Story Mode has been released last week for both iPhone,iPad and iPod touch, and it ranks in Number 1 on App store. It costs $4.99 on the app store, but you can simply grab it for free on our site from here.Minecraft: Story Mode also offers $14.99 in-app purchase for unlocking all Episodes 2-5, therefore, we made Minecraft: Story Mode hack for you to unlocked all episodes for free.

Minecraft: Story Mode hack features:

  • Unlocked All Episodes (2-5)
  • Multi-pack

Video tutorial:

This is what you will get after applied the hack:

Minecraft Story Mode Episodes hack

Minecraft Story Mode Episodes hack update

How to hack Minecraft Story Mode [No jailbreak required]:

  1. Install and run Game. Exit Game and close from multitask.
  2. Download Minecraft Story Mode hack files from the link given below.
  3. Use iFunbox copy the folder “Documents” to Applications/Minecraft: Story Mode
  4. Overwrite existing files.
  5. Start your Game.
  6. Enjoy!

Download Minecraft Story Mode Ep.5 | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

Download Minecraft: Story Mode Ep.4: Userscloud | Dailyuploads | Openload | RevClouds | Themedsiastorage

Download Minecraft: Story Mode Ep.3 hack | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

Download Minecraft: Story Mode Ep.2 hack for iOS here | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

Download minecraft: Story Mode Episode unlock – Android 

Download Full Version

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  1. when wil the episode 4 and 5 will be downloaded

  2. hi do i need the real minecraft story mode or not

  3. are you working on the hack right now im guessing

  4. do we need to have bought minecraft story mode before installing this?

  5. hi,

    I have copy the hack 3 document inside my ipad, but hack 2 is missing,
    it written

    1: purchased & installed
    2: available now.
    3: purchased & installed
    4: available now.
    5: available now.

    is it some parts I have do wrongly?

  6. tnx, when will you release ep 4 and 5 :))

  7. When are you adding episodes 4 and 5? 2 and 3 worked great and I’m looking forward to the last two.

  8. Excuse me sir, i have done exactly what you did in the video and it even says purchased but even after the release of episode 2 and 3 it still says purchased and coming soon please help sir

  9. What do i do after i have downloaded episode 3 . Do i delete the documents folder? or i place the files in it?Please Explain. BTW thanks for these hacks!! :D:)

  10. j8mesz you still gotta do episode 4 and 5 when they come out please do both of them i really appreciate your help

  11. It says the download is incomplete and ready to install

  12. thanks now all we have to do is ep 4 and 5 but the multi pack is still not working

  13. How much dose Italie stil need to be fully uploaded

  14. the hacks out but its not showing as a link

  15. ive done everything but the muli pac dosent say its purchased

  16. Umm , after installing and putting this in IFunBox in my save, It says purchased, but everytime i try to install it doesn’t install any tips?

  17. the multi pack isnt working

  18. Yu told me that if they are not unlocked I have to download another hack, does this mean your not sure if the hack get you all the episodes as if you bought it or if it only downloads the episodes. Ps:if you will download another hack for episode 3 please do it separated of the episode 2 hack because it will be silly to download the two episodes hack if you already have one

    • After you applied the hack,if it says “purchased” then means all episodes are unlocked, you can be downloaded whenever new ep came out officially, otherwise, please wait for my new update, I will separate each episode for sure. 🙂

  19. I downloaded the hack and it unlocked episode 2 but I still need to purchase episode 3-5.

  20. I’ve downloaded the hack but I have a question, episode 3 is out today, do I have to wait so you download another hack for episode 3 or download it from the app as if I already bought it

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