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Get 1 Billion Blue Credits on Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

How many of you playing Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation? I don’t know, but I mean there are a lot. How much money did you spend on this Game to purchase Blue Credits? 100? For me? Zero. So here I am going to teaching you how to get 1 billion blue credits on Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. This is actually worked on the latest version 1.2.0. I mean 100% working. For one more time, if something doesn’t work, I won’t posted here.I am not faking anyone to join our VIP membership,I am not forcing anyone to buy anything from me. If you finally found out something worth for you to buy our VIP membership,then you buy, otherwise, be a normal reader, you still get things free at here iPlayPlus.org. So,this [email protected] I am going to give it to every one for free. But you should know, looking into the codes thing is not easy. Support us, then buy us a cup of special coffee.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation hack

How to get blue credits on Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation:

Update: check out Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation 1.3.0 hack here

1. Install & Run Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. **Important**: Exit Game and close from multitask.

2. Download the  file ‘SaveGame.bin’ from var/mobile/applications/ModernCombat3/Documents/ from your iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch, save to your PC/Mac

3.Using  UltraEdit (download here, they offer free trial) to open the file “SaveGame.bin”

4.Find the code ’18’ (easy way to do this by using Ctrl+F), as you can seen below where 18 and 0A (zero 8)  I just highline

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation cheats

5. Edit the code between 0A and 18,change “A6,13,00,00” to “FF,E0,F5,05”  (FF,E zero, F5,zero 5)

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation blue credits

6. Save the file.

7. Sync the file “SaveGame.bin” (NOT “SaveGame.bin.bak”) back into the place where you just get it from, which var/mobile/applications/ModernCombat3/Documents/

8. Your file should under the” Documents” folder, I mean, inside the “Documents” folder.

9.  Enjoy 999,999,999 blue credits on “Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation″  brought to you by James, ONLY HERE at iPlayPlus.ORG

**Stupid Mother F*ckers, you tried before leave any comments. Don’t say something like this ” F*ck u, it’s doesn’t work.” If you said that kind thing to me, meaning you are a big stupid pig,you are a loser,because you can’t done things even people told you how exactly to do it. But, if any of you having difficulties to do this, just ask nicely, I will answer all of your questions.

Update: This is may not works on the latest version!!!

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  2. i found the 18 and 0A .. but there are 7 couples of symbols between them : What should I do ?!

  3. yay…its working…i got the 1b credit…but game crash when wanna start first mission..i’m gonna try update to latest 1.3.0 ver n try again…xD

  4. the code before the “18” looks different from the one thats shown in the picture. also, the “18” is under the 8 column, not the 2 column

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