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Modifier Keys for Resizing Windows in Mac OS X 10.7

New to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is the ability to resize any window from any corner or side, just grab onto it, and when your cursor turns into the little double-sided arrow, start dragging. That’s a great addition, but it’s even better when some modifier keys are applied.

Mac OS X Lion Window Resizing Modifier Keys

  • Click and Hold Shift – Resizes the window in the direction you are pulling, while maintaining the windows existing aspect ratio
  • Click and Hold Option – Resizes the window from the side you are dragging as well as the side directly opposite
  • Click and Hold Option+Shift – Combines both to resize the window in all directions while maintaining the aspect ratio, from the center of the window outward

I had known about the first two, but the last combo was found on MacGasm, so head’s up to those guys for the tip.


Source: osxdaily

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