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MOG Music Streaming App Released for Mac With AirPlay Support

The MOG music streaming app has been released on the Mac App Store and features support for AirPlay.

As a MOG subscriber, you’ll enjoy UNLIMITED MOBILE DOWNLOADS, and stream OVER 11 MILLION SONGS ON DEMAND to your computer, iPhone, iPod Touch, Roku, Sonos and GoogleTV. Plus enjoy a revolutionary new radio that lets you keep listening to the music you love. Perfect your music-listening experience: TRY MOG FREE FOR 14 DAYS!
For under $10 a month, MOG subscribers get:
• AirPlay support! Stream music from MOG Desktop to AppleTV, Airport Express and other Airplay devices.
• Media key support. Use the play, pause, skip and previous keys on your keyboard to quickly and easily control your music.
Apple remote support. Control your music from 30 paces with MOG Desktop and your Apple remote.
• Unlimited downloads to your iPhone and iPod Touch, or as many as your device can handle. Download songs, playlists or full albums.*
• Unlimited music on demand from an extensive catalog of over 11 million songs.
• Highest quality audio, at 320 kbps-better than any other music service.
• Best-in-class, truly personal radio, with amazing music discovery modes that don’t exist anywhere else (powered by MOG Mobius™).
• Unlimited access to our web-based player from any computer.
• Unlimited access on your TV (Roku and GoogleTV).
• Automatic sync between your web, desktop and mobile settings and playlists.
• Playlists created by your favorite artists, plus featured playlists curated by our expert editors and fellow Moggers!
You can download MOG from the App Store for free.


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