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MonsterDefense3D Released for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

MonsterDefense3DMonsterDefense3D for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Monster Defense is great mix of 3D tower defense and RPG
Everything in the world of Monster Defense is depicted in beautiful 3D graphic.
The world is on the brink of ruin because of the evil force’s invasion. You’re the only hope to protect the world from the monsters!

-Beautiful Full 3D graphic.
-Amazing 40 stages in 5 different theme.
-Easy to play (Typical tower defense)
-RPG features (Character levels, powerful skills)

[Introduction] Monster Defense is a typical TOWER DEFENSE Game. You must defend your village from the troops of evil force by summoning elementals on the route of invading evil force. There are 4 types of elementals. (Fire, Ice, Lightening, Wind) You have to be wise when summoning an elemental because each elemental has different attack-type, range, mana point you consume for summoning. Once you made wrong choice, it will lead you to failure.
Don’t let any of monsters pass. You will lose life point for each monster passed!
[Elemental introduction] -Fire: throws a fire ball which explodes. (splash damage)
-Ice: freezes all units in the area of attack. (freezing ability)
-Lightening: throws a lightening ball rapidly. (fastest attack speed)
-Wind: hits multiple target . (longest attack range)

MonsterDefense3D ipa

MonsterDefense3D cracked ipa

MonsterDefense3D IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 1.0.0: FileFactory

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