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Montezuma’s Resurrection, The Classic Computer Game Now On iOS

Montezuma’s Resurrection” is a renewed version of a classic atari computer Game “Montezuma’s Revenge”, created in 1983 by Robert Jaeger. It has all the original key features plus a number of interesting new improvements.

The 80’s are back! Refresh your childhood memories about the classic computer Game! Run inside the rooms of mysterious Maya’s pyramid! Climb the stairs and ropes, collect keys to open doors! Find around those jewels, swords, light torches! Beware of that snakes, skulls and spiders that will be on your way! And finally, find the treasure room in the end of underground labyrinth!

Montezuma’s Resurrection Features:

– 99 rooms on each level of the castle
– All the 9 levels of the original gameplay
– Comfortable on-screen joypad to control the hero
– Two game graphics modes: Modern GFX (default) and Retro GFX 8-bit graphics (selectable)
– Parallax background effect in Modern GFX mode
– Resume function: You can close the game at any moment! Your current progress is automatically saved and later you will continue right where you were interrupted!
– High quality original and new sound effects!
– Retina graphics supported

Tested on iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3.3) and iPhone 3GS (iOS 4.1)

You can purchase Montezuma’s Resurrection from app store for $1.99 USD. [App Store link]

Montezuma's Resurrection

Montezuma's Resurrection
Montezuma's Resurrection 1.0


Montezuma's Resurrection for iPhone
Montezuma's Resurrection for iPhone
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