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Move Newsstand App Into a Folder on iOS 5

Those who have upgraded to iOS 5 have probably noticed that little Newsstand icon is unable to be moved to a folder, and like all other Apple iOS apps, it can’t be deleted. Well, a little tip from The Coding Massacrehas made the rounds that shows us how we can force the Newsstand app into a folder under iOS 5, thanks to a bug in iOS. The downside is that if you then try to access Newsstand, springboard will usually crash.

Due to the buggy nature of this tip, if you have any plans on using Newsstand to read magazines or newspapers on your iPhone or iPad, this is not recommended. Also, you have to be quick.

  • Grab any two apps and create a new folder, this is where you’ll be storing Newsstand
  • The moment the apps are moved to the folder and the new folder animation is activated, drag Newsstand into the folder

Assuming you were quick enough, Newsstand will now be in that folder. As previously mentioned, this can often cause unstable behavior when accessing that folder and Newsstand, so don’t be surprised if Springboard (the iOS dashboard) starts crashing afterwards.

It’s a fairly safe bet that iOS 5.1 will fix this bug and allow Newsstand to be moved around without resorting to such tricks.


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