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Multi-Service, Social Music Sharing App

Tasty Cocoa Software has released Music Marquee 1.1.0 for iOS, a major update to their social music sharing app. Originally released as an alternative to the Last.fm iOS app, the update adds manual connectivity to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Ping.fm, and Friendfeed. Last.fm is a popular music recommendation service that helps listeners find more music they may like based on the songs they play. The service tracks the following for each listener: songs played, frequency of song being played, favorite songs and artists, and which friends have similar musical tastes. Music Marquee automatically sends a message (scrobble) to Last.fm containing this information as it pertains to the user, a process known as scrobbling.
According to Last.fm, which also offers an Internet radio service, "Scrobbles mean we can deliver personalized recommendations for every single Last.fm listener, every single day. We compare what you play to the scrobbles of millions of listeners around the world, meaning your recommendations are the result of more than 43 billion scrobbles and counting."
Tasty Cocoa Software developer James Frye added, "The marquee interface, with its blinking lights, adds instant appeal as a song is playing. Listeners are engaged in their music while the application does all the work to help Last.fm build a song list of recommended artists and songs based on the listener’s tastes."
Music Marque is very easy to use. While a user is listening to a song and the service is enabled, the application sends the current song information over the device’s network. The application will send a second notification to Last.fm if the song that was played met the last.fm scrobbling criteria. Listeners are introduced to new artists, notified of artists’ upcoming concerts, and album releases, etc.
Feature Highlights:
* Tap the "Now Playing" text to share with multiple services
* Tap the album art to change the current album or song
* Tap the info button to add a service
* Enable or re-enable a service
* Uses token based authentication so the user’s password is not stored on their iOS device
* User credentials stored securely in the keychain
* App must be running in order to scrobble current song
* Songs that are played while no network connection is available will be scrobbled when the network reconnects
* Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Ping.fm, and Friendfeed connectivity
"Music Marquee is a beautiful social music application for iPhone," stated James Frye. "Sharing the music that you love has never been easier."
Pricing and Availability:
Music Marquee 1.1.0 is $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Music category. Music Marquee Lite 1.1.0 is available free. Review copies are available upon request.
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