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Music Controls Pro 1.1.2-1 For iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch

Music Controls Pro 1.1.2-1 Cracked: Latest Music Controls Pro 1.1.2-1 has been released. Music Controls Pro v1.1.2-1 has glued the homescreen issue. Also Music Controls Pro deb 1.1.2-1 has included app updates likeGroovesharkPandora and more. Music Controls Pro has been released by Phoenix 3200 which is compatible for all iOS devices as well as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, also has the support for iOS 5Music Controls Pro  is the famous application for iDevices Music. Music Controls Pro v1.1.2-1  gives an easy way to control your Music. Music Controls Pro adds system integration and background into your favorite applications, Simply when you are listening your lovely music application, this works as a multitask. Music Controls Pro 1.1.2-1 cracked adds backgrounding and system integration into many popular music applications, and gives you many ways to interact with your music just like:

  • controls (3.1-4.x)
  • Headset controls
  • Lockscreen swipe gestures
  • Bluetooth Task Controls (4.x)
  • Swipe gestures while the display is off
  • Popup controls (3.x)
  • Statusbar info (4.x)
  • Statusbar controls (3.x)
  • Dock controls (4.x)
  • Lockscreen controls
  • Remote server

Music Controls Pro 1.1.2

Music Controls Pro v1.1.2

Music Controls Pro v1.1.2-1 Features

  • Background Videos: No need to close playing videos while opening other applications
  • Dock metadata: Option which enable you to see playing things in your speaker system or car stereo
  • Application support: Now Napster, Tuneln, Audiogalaxy, Zurnocast are supported
  • Remote server: With the help of this you can command your music applications from other device by remote
  • Revamped engine: This allows you to open multiple music applications and swipe control them
  • SBSetting toggles:  For Swipes and Remote server

Music Controls Pro 1.1.2-1 supports following Programs: iPod, dTunes, Grooveshark, iSub, AccuRadio, KKBOX, CBS Radio, iFile, Flycast , iheartradio, Last.fm, meem, Finetune, Airband,MOG, Audiogalaxy,Bing Music, iPeng, iTunes Top 100, Napster, Plugplayer, Spotify, Remote, ooTunes, Podcaster, Rhapsody, rdio, Pack, Podcaster, etc

What’s New In Music Controls Pro 1.1.2-1

  • Improved AVRCP v1.3 integration
  • Fix: Glued to homescreen bug
  • Fix: Persistent “pause” indicator
  • Fix: Improved swipe detection (especially with ISX)
  • New: Added support for TuneIn Radio (free)
  • App updates: Pandora, GrooveShark, Slacker, and more!

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