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Music Controls Pro v1.1.1 Got Another Update

Music Controls Pro just got another update, and with it, I’m pushing the reset buttons on the five-day trials! So come back and see what’s new!

So what is new?

  • AVRCP v1.3 integration. Track info from third-party apps can finally be shown on compatible Bluetooth displays!
  • Notification Center plugin for Controls. This shows you your track info, including artwork. Swipe control integration makes it slim and compact, or, you can select a larger format from settings.
  • Notification Center plugin for Volume/Brightness. This control offers a switchable slider, as well as a button for quickly changing your output source.

Still curious for why you should get Music Controls Pro? Check out some of what you can do:

  • Track info from 46 popular music apps is integrated into the OS.
  • Swipe controls let you easily operate your music without looking at your display (or even turning on your screen!)
  • Background video apps but keep the audio going. If you’ve got a video out cable, the video will even keep going! If you don’t have a video cable, check out Resupported!
  • Remote service integration for wireless music control – repurpose your aging phone as a media center!
  • Dock support so you can use your music apps with a capable stereo!
  • Statusbar integration to always know what’s playing!

Music Controls Pro is available in Cydia for $5.99.

We will upload Music Controls Pro cracked .deb file for download once it’s available, please stay tuned.

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