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MyPhoto Albums v3.4.2 fixed crash bug

MyPhoto AlbumsMyPhoto Albums for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

★ Rewind 2010 Photo App ★

★ Perfect compatible With iOS5. ★

★ MyPhoto 3.4 Super Updates ★
1. Effect+, The most POWERFUL image editing tool: including 11 Filters(singe, vivid, san carmen, aqua, etc.), Stickers(23 kinds), and various effects including auto-enhance, brighteness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, red rye, whiten, blemish, etc.
(Effect+ is powered by Aviary)
2. Easy multiple selection UI on photos list
3. Secret Camera
– hide Sound and Screen.

Optimal solution which can substitutes for existing photo App
★ My Photo Album is strongly recommended. ★

★ My Photo Albums, Secret Albums…
photos showing appearances of lovely dear heart.
photos taken together with friends in my happy birthday party.
photos showing processes of wonderful growth of our child from birth.
personal photos which are most important and preserved secretly.

So many photos… you may be difficult to find photos you want, because they were not arranged well.
Please arrange photos by album & group – photos open for others and photos closed for others!
And share them with friends through Facebook, Twitter!
You can enjoy them with friends.

★ When others see photos on my iPhone, are you worried if personal photos are disclosed?
Secret Album can be accessed by knocking 3 times on top bar and inputting passcode.
Please forget such concern with Secret Album.
(Settings>Secret Albums>Active:On)

★ Image Search!
When you need images like bag I want to buy, entertainer I like, nice landscape, hair style I like etc., please find out at once and download in album!

★ Share to Other App!
Photos can be easily shared with other App like Evernote, Dropbox, GoodReader, Kakao Talk, ReaddleDocs.

★ Key features of My Photo Albums

1. App Management
– Support Passcode lock.
– Support Portrait Mode.
– Support Start with the camera.
2. Album Management(public album)
– Multiple albums can be created (unlimited)
– Multiple album groups can be created (unlimited)
– Easy to change the order of albums. (same as app)
– Camera: General camera, Editable, camera, Simple camera
– Photo Finder: Find the title of your album and photo available
– Backup: WI-FI Management Available.
– Various themes : Classic, board, sepia, red theme
3. Secret Albums Management (private album)
– The Secret of multiple albums can be created (unlimited)
Provide all the basic features of the album management
4. Photo Management
– Photo List: 3×3 List, 4×4 list, TableList
– Can change the order of photos
– Add to Contacts
– Specify the album icon
– Photos clockwise rotation
– Share
– E-mail / SMS / Facebook / Twitter / copy / iTunes file sharing
Other apps (DropBox, EverNote, GoodReader, etc.)
– Import
– Cameraroll / MyPhoto’s other albums / Facebook photo folder (Your friend’s photo)
– Photo Effect: The original, GrayScale, Sepia, Crop, Effect+(Aviary)
– Photo Slidesshow. (Many Options)
– GPS information.
– Photo Comment.
– Support TV-OUT Video.

What’s New in Version 3.4.2

CameraRoll import crash bug fixed

MyPhoto Albums ipa

MyPhoto Albums IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 3.4.2: FileFactory | Turbobit

Download Full Version

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