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NCQuickDismiss Easily Dismiss iOS 5 Banners and Notification Center [Jailbreak Tweak]

Let’s face it. The iOS 5 notification banners are great, but many times, they are more obtrusive then they are aimed to be. They block buttons at the top at times and are not natively dismissible upon command. This proves to be more annoying that one might have suspected prior to toying with iOS 5 enough. The jailbreak community took this issue to task and brought a way of fixing this. NCQuickDismiss by moeseth allows you to dismiss notification banners easily as well as the Notification Center shade.


With NCQuickDismiss installed, you’re able to dismiss banners easily by clicking the “X” button that appears on the banner. Tapping it rolls the notification banner into the screen. Also, if you open your Notification Center, there’s an “X” button at the bottom right that you can use to close your Notification Center shade. NCQuickDismiss does not have any settings and works upon installation.

Although the premise of this tweak is sound, I feel that the way it is incorporated is not native or even attractive whatsoever. The banners are beautiful because of their simplicity; putting an “X” button that doesn’t mesh well with the bar’s style at all makes it look really goofy. Plus, having an “X” button in the Notification Center is seemingly useless. It’s just as easy to swipe up up on the shade to dismiss the Notification Center. There is another tweak called NCDismiss that is already in Cydia that does a similar thing. NCDismiss uses a swipe gesture which is a much better incorporation however testing it a while back, it didn’t seem to work that well.


Nonetheless, if this is something you’re interested in, give it a shot. It’s free on Cydia now and is compatible on all iOS 5 jailbroken devices. You can install NCQuickDismiss under bigboss repo.

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