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New action racing game “Mad Wheels” preview

Developer NewFX Games recently released their preparation by the agency issued new Game Chillingo “Mad Wheels” in the trailer.

According to the introduction NewFX Games, “Mad Wheels” will be a full combat elements of the racing game. Players use their cars to the special ability to destroy the barrier with their other car. Games will be a number of different scenarios track, the track also can be used to accelerate some of the special lot. In addition the game will support online multiplayer ranking system and the WiFi network play.

The specific release of the game time, NewFX Games not yet disclosed. However, according to other information disclosed NewFX Games, although there are a lot of work to be done, but the game’s core engine is close to completion. Meanwhile NewFX Games also said some will try to do everything possible to optimize the game a better game experience.

Check out the video below..

Feel the tight turns, dodge every obstacle and avoid the devastating explosive rockets. Each car has a unique super weapon that allows you to play dirty if need be. If your more of a brawler, each car can use whatever machinery they were built with to cause destruction.

You’ll get the following at your disposal:

  • A bunch of vehicles each with unique combat abilities
  • 5 different level environments
  • Online scoreboards
  • Wi-fi multiplayer
  • A high-octane high-adrenaline race!


Support for all iDevices: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it will still run smoothly on older devices.

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