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New Homes Equipped With Built-In iPad Control System

Celebrity Custom Homes is equipping their new dwellings with two built-in iPads that control all of the electronic systems including lights, motorized shades, music and television systems, baby monitors and closed-circuit cameras.
The iPads are designed to remain docked in the wall but can be removed. A model home in the Overlook neighborhood in Lone Tree’s Heritage Hills shows off the iPad system which costs roughly $5,000. Audio, video, security and other equipment brings the total cost to about $60,000.
"The iPad has brought the entry-level price point down significantly, because an 8-inch in-wall touch screen before cost upwards of $3,000 or more," Deatherage said. "Now we can get a $500 iPad and still provide most of the functionality that an in-wall touch panel can give."
The DenverPost notes that the system can also be controlled by an additional mobile iPad or via an iPhone or iPod Touch.
"It can run everything in your house, including your thermostat and your swimming pool," said Dan Verdoorn, co-owner of Celebrity Custom Homes, the home’s builder. "It’s a totally integrated and flexible system."
The base price on a 3,400 sq ft home which features the iPad control system is $718,000.
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