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New Location Aware And Sharing App

Locational 1.0

Independent developer Felix Mo has announced the first release of Locational for iPhone users. Locational is a versatile iPhone app that allows users to manage all of the locational information in their lives with ease and have it presented to them through an easy-to-use and beautiful interface.
Using Locational, users can obtain and share detailed information on their current location, such as the full address, the coordinates, the heading and direction, the speed at which they are traveling at, as well as the altitude of their location.
Locational can also record the locational data into a dataset which can then be presented as a route on a map or on a graph. In addition, Locational presents users with detailed statistics about the dataset, such as the distance traveled, speed, and altitude, all of which can be displayed in either metric or imperial units.

Furthermore, Locational allows users to store the location of different places as waypoints, which can be easily created from their current location, an address book contact, or through the integrated location search, which allows users to easily find places such as local businesses and landmarks. Users can easily share data from within the app via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, or Tumblr.
Feature Highlights:
* Get detailed information on current location
* Stores location of different places as waypoints
* Record locational data to datasets
* Share via email, text message, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, or Tumblr
* Support for both metric and imperial units
Pricing and Availability:
Locational 1.0 is priced at only $1.99 USD and is available worldwide, exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Navigation category.

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