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Welcome to the new iPlayPlus

iPlayPlus has been alive almost a year,now it is the time to change our theme.It is about the fresh start.This theme is still in Beta,it’s not perfect,sitll need a lot of fixes.If any of you found any bugs,feel free to leave on comments.

Now,iPlayPlus is light and clean.The theme is basic on HTML5 and CSS3.It is totally compatibled with IE6+,Firefox 3.0+, Safari and Chrome. Unfortunately, it is not perfectly compatibled with IE8.

What we have re-designed?

  1. Two new navi menus-Top navi and Header navi.
  2. Contribute page and readers page.
  3. New sidebar with site news,ad area,hot commenters,rencent comments,recent hot post,random posts.
  4. New footer with “sites we like” and links page.
  5. “Advertise with us” page.
  6. “Head-neck” with random 8 posts in center blow feature slider.
  7. 2 Columns designed in CMS-like,3 columns-like.
  8. Thumbnail
  9. CSS3 build Search form.
  10. CSS3 build RSS button
  11. More..

Still working on it.Please tell us any bugs found.Thank you!



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