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New Mac Pros Delayed Until Early 2012?

Intel’s target release day for the new Sandy Brdige E processors and their Xeon E5 equivalents has slipped to early 2012 which will likely delay any Mac Pro updates until then, reports MacRumors.
The chips were originally planned for release on November 15th; however, CPU World has confirmed the delay.

In September, during Intel Developer Forum event in San Francisco, new information came to light implying that Xeon E5 launch is postponed until the first quarter 2012. Indeed, according to the latest Intel roadmaps, all Xeon E5 processors are going to be delayed by one quarter.

The site continued saying that the Xeon E5-2600, also compatible with socket R, is aimed at dual-processor workstations and servers, and contains 17 different dual-, quad-, six- and eight-core models with clock speeds up to 3.3 GHz. Both families will be released in Q1 2012. Despite the delay, there were no changes to E5-1600 and E5-2600 microprocessor line-ups.
Apple’s new Mac Pro is expected to feature a new rack mountable design which will be welcomed by former Xserve customers.
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