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New MacBook Pros to Run Operating System Off a 8-16GB SSD?

Apple’s update to the MacBook Pro may bring a larger trackpad and an 8-16GB SSD that the operating system will run off, according to BGR.

We are told that the new laptops will contain glass trackpads that are even larger than the pads found on current-generation MacBook Pro models. The next bit of information doesn’t quite make sense to us, but we have been told the OS on the laptops will be loaded to a separate (internal) 8-16GB SSD while everything else will remain on the regular hard drive. There will be options for just SSD drives but the base models will feature regular hard disks with the SSD combo for the OS.

The report also states that the new notebooks will be half a pound lighter on average and be released within the next two weeks.

MacTrust has previously predicted that the notebooks will feature a better battery, be lighter, have an improved display, and offer a modular drive. MacRumors has confirmed with a source that the MacBook Pros will be released on Thursday, February 24th.

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