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New Remote iOS Diagnostic Tool Going To Be Using?

Apple support technicians will reportedly start using a new remote diagnostic tool that can run tests on your device and send the results back to Apple, reports HardMac.
Apple announced (internally) that they have put the final touch to the tools that will facilitate a diagnostic. It will be simple to use and can be used remotely. In effect, this systems operates entirely online. An email is sent to the device containing a URL (this can alsoo be entered by hand) and the device will connect via Mobile Safari and the telephone to start internal checks and sends the result of it to the Apple servers to which the service centres are connected.
HardMac notes that only identifying information transmitted back to Apple will be the UUID and device name. The diagnostic system will give a look at the following:
● Health, level of load of the battery, duration passed since the last complete charge,
● Minimum level to which the battery was discharged,
iOS version installed,
● To know if the mobile was turned off normally the preceding time.
It’s unclear if this tool will be used to detect jailbreaks and refuse warranty service on that basis.

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