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New Versions of uTorrent and BitTorrent for Mac With Remote/Mobile Support

BitTorrent has announced new versions of uTorrent and BitTorrent Mainline for Mac; as well as an iPad optimized web interface for uTorrent. Key new features include RSS feeds, remote/mobile support and more.

New Mac Features
– RSS Feeds and Smart Feed Subscriptions: Subscribe to torrent RSS feeds inside µTorrent and BitTorrent Mainline. Set up Smart Feeds to auto-magically fetch torrents and start downloads.
– Scheduler: Pre-schedule start, limit and stop activity for downloads at regular intervals throughout the week. A valuable feature if you’re stymied by metered and shared networks.
– Remote + Mobile: Simple, secure access to µTorrent and BitTorrent Mainline clients from anywhere. No complicated network configuration required. Add and manage torrents from any browser, mobile browser (iPad and more), and even a native Android app.
– Advanced controls and info: More control and information about what’s happening behind the scenes. Upgraded logging features too. And, now access double-secret-super-advanced preferences (they’re hidden behind CMD+OPT+,). Use wisely.
In addition to the desktop clients, we’re happy to release a gorgeous new Web interface for µTorrent, optimized for the iPad for a great touch experience. It comes complete with all the functionality in the PC-based µTorrent Remote.
Our goal is to balance power and usability while keeping it fast and light. Give it a tap, swipe and a flick and let us know what you think. Check out the new interface from your iPad by logging in here:https://remote.utorrent.com
µTorrent for Mac can be downloaded here, and BitTorrent Mainline for Mac is available here.
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