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Next iPhone will support 4G on AT&T not Verizon?

According to Barrons, Hudson Square Research analyst Todd Rethemeier says the next iPhone will be an iPhone 5 rather than 4S and will support 4G wireless for AT&T only, not Verizon.
For AT&T iPhone 5 users, this could mean download speeds of 5-10 Mbps, compared to less than 1 Mbps for a Verizon user. Certainly, when an LTE iPhone is introduced AT&T would lose some of its marketing advantage. However, even when that happens, the phone will be backwards compatible, so the AT&T iPhone 6 would be able to roam onto the HSPA+ network when an LTE network is not available, giving AT&T an advantage in suburban and rural areas for several more years, we believe.
It’s important to note that AT&T’s 4G network is HSPA+ and not LTE which offers even faster speeds. AT&T recently demoed ‘real world’ speeds of 28.8Mbps over LTE.

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