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nGin Video v1.1 fixed bugs

nGin VideonGin Video for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

nGin Video provides the easiest and most convenient way to watch video.

It is the most efficient for iPhone/iPad to play the video encoded by H264 codec.
Because iPhone/iPad use accelerator feature of H264 for fast and stable play while consuming far less battery.

But you feel encoding is troublesome and slow?
With optimized encoding setup, nGin Video stores video in your PC into iPhone/iPad fast and easily.

You just need to install a small program(nGin Media Server) in your PC.
You don’t have to install iTunes or connect USB cable.
You can download wherever as long as WiFi is connected.

Still you feel boring to wait encoding to complete?
nGin Video also supports the feature of realtime encoding streaming.
You can watch videos immediately as long as WiFi/3G is connected.

Lastly, you can also easily watch colorful subtitles in HTML format as it supports SMI completely.
Not to mention it also supports SRT and multi languages.

※ Features
✔ iPhone/iPad Universal app
✔ Realtime streaming and download via WiFi/3G
✔ Simple setup and easy-to-use environments
✔ Various convenient features including consecutive play, automatic server ending, TV-Out, etc
✔ Small and light server program
✔ iTunes FREE
✔ Feature of perfect folder hiding that makes no one else can find

※ Supporting files
✔ Most of the video formats, including but not limited to, XVID/DIVX AVI, WMV, RMVB, ASF, H264, MKV, TS, M2TS are supported.
(high definition video with quality of 1920×1080 is supported as well)
✔ Subtitles in SMI and SRT format are supported.
(multi languages, text in color, italic font, etc are supported)

※ Important notes
✔ You must install the nGin Media Server in your PC in order to use nGin Video.
You can download it at http://www.nginsoft.com/
✔ nGin Media Server operates in Windows XP/Vista/7 or later versions.
✔ MacOS is scheduled to support from January 2013 and on.

What’s New in Version 1.1

some bug fixes

nGin Video ipa

nGin Video (Streaming+Download) IPA:

Version 1.1.: Mediafire

Download Full Version

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