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no iPad 2 Promotion Planning for Best Buy?

Previously, Bust Buy says they are holding iPad 2 for promotion, but today I went  to check out that one of their salesman told me there is no planning promotion for iPad 2. Now I don’t even know who is telling the ture. The guy told me that they really don’t have any iPad 2 on stock right now but  they are shipping  and will available  on next Tuesday and Thursday. I did ask the guy that is Best Buy have any promotion is planning, unfortunately,the answer is they don’t!

*Note: I am living in Canada! So I don’t know what is going to happen in US,maybe they do have a promotion plan and may be not. Of course I will going back to Best Buy check out more information on the next coming Tuesday aslo trying  to grab a iPad 2 for my girlfrend.

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*I will upload some photos that I took today in Best Buy!! Enjoy!

Take a look the photos below…

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