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No Zombies Allowed – Unlimited Bucks,Coins,Supplies


No Zombies Allowed v1.3.0 – Unlimited Bucks,Coins,Supplies

No Zombies Allowed is now free for a day on app store.If you haven’t got the Game, you can click here to start download from app store. In this post, I will teach you how to hack this game to get unlimited bucks,coins and supplies for free without jailbreak on your iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch. It’s very easy to do this if you follow all the steps that I am going to show you below.See my screenshot first. Note: The Max. for Bucks are 99999, coins are 99999999 and supplies are 999999.

No Zombies Allowed hack unlimited everything

How to get unlimited Bucks,coins and Supplies on No Zombies Allowed for free:

1. Install and run No Zombies Allowed, play the game and gain some coins,bucks,supplies. (easy)

2.Exit game and close from multitask.

3. Sync the file ‘ZombieTown_SaveGame_00.json’ from var/mobile/applications/No Zombies/Documents/LocalFiles to your Mac /PC desktop using ifunbox

4. Use “UltraEdit” to open the file,you will see something like:

No Zombies hack

5. Edit the numbers after soft_cash, hard_cash and supplies.

6. Save the file then sync it back to var/mobile/applications/No Zombies/Documents/LocalFiles/

7. Done!! Enjoy!! If you still run out any of them, then do all the steps above to get them for free.

Questions? Leave your comments below.

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  1. the save file isn’t edited in english so what can i do?

  2. Can u give us ur edited file !!

  3. also, when i download UltraEdit, it just opens as a textedit file, i’m using a mac

  4. i’m new to this, how to you get “ZombieTown_SaveGame_00.json’ from var/mobile/applications/No Zombies/Documents/LocalFiles” ?

  5. CrazyKelv Perez

    I got it working perfectly with iFile! 😀

  6. Oh it work thanks

  7. Hi, I use this cheat, but nothing happens.
    I can edit the .json file using iFunBox and UltraEdit, but once uploaded, and opened the game, I have the same coins and supplies and bucks, as before.
    It seems like the iPad can restore the values back.
    Any help?! How did you cheat the game?

  8. ok i dont get what im supposed to download

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