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Nokia CEO: ‘We Are Standing on a Burning Platform’

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has penned a brutally honest internal memo to employees which outlines where Nokia has failed and announces that a new strategy will be revealed on February 11th.

Elop had this to say about Apple

For example, there is intense heat coming from our competitors, more rapidly than we ever expected. Apple disrupted the market by redefining the smartphone and attracting developers to a closed, but very powerful ecosystem.

In 2008, Apple’s market share in the $300+ price range was 25 percent; by 2010 it escalated to 61 percent. They are enjoying a tremendous growth trajectory with a 78 percent earnings growth year over year in Q4 2010. Apple demonstrated that if designed well, consumers would buy a high-priced phone with a great experience and developers would build applications. They changed the Game, and today, Apple owns the high-end range.

Some have speculated that Nokia will announce a partnership with Windows Phone 7; however, there is little real evidence to corroborate this.

You can read the entire memo below…

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