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Nuance adds a bunch of popular search sources to Dragon Go! for iPhone

Nuance released Dragon Go! for the iPhone back in July and we praised the program’s combination of intelligent search capabilities coupled with Nuance’s phenomenal voice recognition technology. Today, Dragon Go! (free download) has been updated with a number of new services that the app taps to deliver accurate results based on your natural-language voice input. Specifically, they added support for Google+ public posts, media content on Netflix and Spotify and search engines Ask.com and Wolfram|Alpha.

Additionally, improved Yelp support now means you can access a map view right within Yelp. You will recall that Nuance powers speech-to-text integration in iOS 5 where a user just taps the microphone icon on the virtual keyboard, speaks aloud and the speech becomes text. The feature ties nicely to the Assistant, a surprise feature allegedly exclusive to iPhone 5 that lets you ask the handset to perform complex operations simply by speaking natural-language commands. Release notes after the break.

-On demand media simplified: introducing support for Spotify and Netflix.

-Ways to always win at trivia night with support for Ask.com and Wolfram|Alpha.

-An even better Yelp experience! Now access a map view right within the Yelp tab.

-Google+ support.

-No worries, more bugs have been squashed.

-You’re welcome.


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