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Nuance speech-to-text references baked into iOS 5 internal settings


Although it didn’t appear in Scott Forstall’s presentation and is yet to show up in iOS 5 SDK findings or in the actual developer beta release, references to Nuance integration have appeared in iOS 5′s internal preferences.ChronicWire has posted screenshots of the Nuance references from an internal build of iOS 5, including the one above . The Nuance integration, specifically, appears to be related to the voice-recognition company’s “dictation” software.

The closest thing so far to Nuance “Dictation” and iOS would be Nuance’s iOS application demonstrated in the video above. The application is called “Dragon Dictation” and essentially lets you touch the record button, say what you want to type, click to confirm, and what you said into the recording will be pasted into any field of your choice. Another preference references a microphone icon on the iOS keyboard. Perhaps you click this microphone to active:


The obvious built-into-iOS variant of this application function would be a small button within text fields (or on the keyboard). Tap to record; tap to confirm; text appears. We are not sure what “Nuance Long Endpoint” is but based on a quick look at the iOS application, it may be a feature that detects when you have stopped recording; based on a long pause at the end of your speech.

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