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Office Assistant Pro v1.8.5 fixed crash on iOS 4

Office Assistant ProOffice Assistant Pro for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Office Assistant Pro is an All-Powerful office suite specially designed for you to deal with the Office affairs anywhere, anytime on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With Office Assistant Pro, you can high-efficiently manage almost all kinds of files by “ONE PAGE” model and make Notes, Reminders, Meeting Recorder as below:

★ The powerful file manager: high-efficiently File Management in only “ONE PAGE” and easily File Transferred between local and cloud storage ★
– File Management: We create a UNIQUE view management model. You choose how to sort the files (by folder or type) on the left sidebar, then all files will be listed out.
(1) Files could be viewed by icons or details.
(2) File directory or type could be changed on the left sidebar, and the corresponding files will be shown simultaneously.
(3) File directory operations is recorded by system and you can undo or redo it anytime.
(4) File management functions: File copy, move, delete, rename, searching, new folder, send by mail, compress to ZIP file, uncompress ZIP or RAR file and etc.
(5) Support to files & file folders protect, protect your privacy.

You can complete all of your operations in “ONE PAGE”!

– Cloud storage: Support cloud storage services such as iCloud,Dropbox or goo-gle docs, by which you can do all files operations on the cloud, or transfer files between local and the cloud.
– Wi-Fi Server: You can access to your device from PC or other devices through Wi-Fi by any browser, then you can download and upload files. IP address and Bonjour device name access are also supported.
– Support file formats:
(1) Document formats: ppt,pdf,xls,doc,rtf,txt,pages,key,numbers, etc.
(2) Multimedia file formats: mp3,mp4,mov,m4a,jpg,bmp,png, etc.
– Support to import pictures from the Photos Album to your own folder.
– Support to take picture or video by camera and save to local disk
– Support to transfer files through USB.

★ Notes ★
– Notes are displayed in sticker style, which you can move on the screen and set the color and font. All fonts of iOS are supported.
– Notes can be sent by text messages, email and copied to the clipboard.

★ Reminders with contacts ★
– Reminders offers three view management model:
(1) Event view: Reminders are separately displayed by events.
(2) Contacts view: Reminders are separately displayed by contacts.
(3) Calendar view: Reminders are separately displayed by Calendar.
– Reminder could be set up with memo, date, repeat frequency, beeps and contacts.
– Support background response.

★ Meeting Recorder ★
– You can add time labels during recording, and play the records back by the time labels.
– You can rename the record file, and send via email or Wi-Fi server.
– UNIQUE recording control model: You can control the recording process such as pausing, resuming, stopping, or adding time labels in File Manager, Notes, and Reminder UI interface. The purpose of this UNIQUE design is to help you perfectly handle affairs in your conference. You can continue to read documents or edit notes while the recorder is working for you to save the conference. Besides, it also can help you to have a rest during a boring meeting.

What’s New in Version 1.8.5

iOS 4 crash fixes

What’s New in Version 1.8.4

Add iCloud storage
Bug fixes

1.Add picture thumbnails in file list
2.Export pictures to system photos library
3.solve the Zoom in/out or rotate problem when viewing pictures
4.improve the page turning speed when viewing PDF and pictures

1.support The new iPad Retina screen
2.New PDF and picture viewing model and picture thumbnails viewing method
3.Add PDF bookmark
4.Save your current reading position when you exit PDF or picture viewing
5.Support “AirPrint”

1.solve the audio path problem when playing the record.
2. solve the auto encrypt problem after rename a file
3.solve a unzip problem

1.Add file and folder encrypt function
2.Support file protection when accessed by Wi-Fi

Update in older version:
1.Add user mannual
2.Add transmitting voice record by Wi-Fi
3.Add text editor
4.Add opening from other APP function
5.Support RAR
6.Support iPad

Office Assistant Pro ipa

Office Assistant Pro IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 1.8.5: Syfiles

Version 1.8.4: Syfiles

Download Full Version

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