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Open a new Finder Tab in OS X Mavericks [How To]

One of the new features in OS X Mavericks is you can open multiple Finder Tabs at the same time, just like what you can do in your web browser. If you haven’t yet upgrade or install the new OS X Mavericks, make sure check out how to do so from here. Now, if you are wondering how to open tabs in Finder, here is the quick guide for you.

1. Launch a Finder window if you don’t already have one open by clicking onFinder in your dock.


2. In the top menu, click on File and then click on New Tab. Alternately, you can also just use the keyboard shortcut Command + T to do the same thing.

New Tab

3. A new Finder window will open that you can begin to use.

Finder tabs

That’s it! You can open as many Finder Tabs as you’d like within one single Finder window.

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