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Gameloft Announced Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

Few days ago, Gameloft uploaded “Order & Chaos 2: Redemption” teaser on their Youtube channel. If you have played Order & Chaos Online, you would know it’s truly a MMORPG.

[iframe width=”640px” height=”360px” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/5wtTtMTZ3p0?&autohide=2&modestbranding=1&showinfo=0&rel=0&iv_load_policy=3″]

Order & Chaos Online 2: Redemption takes place 600 years after the first Game. Like its predecessor, this one will be set within the fantasy world of Haradon.

The story synopsis/teaser for Order & Chaos Online 2:

“In the eyes of the gods, there is no time, no judge, no order, and no chaos. Everything is eternal and there is only existence. Our lives are part of a cycle. We must experience what we can and learn from it.

At the end of Order & Chaos Online, the secret of Khalin’s Hammer and the location of the Primal Heart were discovered by heroes. With the power of the Hammer, the heroes sought to destroy the Primal Heart in order to put an end to all evil and save the world of Haradon.

But they were all deceived.

The destruction of the Primal Heart led to a cataclysmic event that destroyed the world, with the heroes dying one after the other. Evil had won and retreated temporarily. 600 years after these events, the world once again flourished and heroes began to be reborn into this new world — in their quest to save it from the coming evil and redeem themselves.”

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption is “coming soon” to mobile platforms (including Windows). Hopefully that means this year!

Players can pre-register for news and to Unlock rewards (including up to four consumable items) that will be available in game at launch on www.orderandchaos2.com. You also get to hear a new rendition of the Order & Chaos Online theme music, so the website is definitely worth a visit for series fans. Gameloft promises a Facebook page will go online for the game soon as well.

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