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OS X Mavericks Tips & Tricks

The OS X Mavericks has more than 200 new features from the previous OS X Mountain Lion, it’s worth to install/ upgrade, if you haven’t done it yet, please click here to check out how to do so, it’s easy as 1,2,3.

There are 9 major features you have to know in OS X Mavericks, which are: iBooks,Maps,Calendar,Safari,Tags,Multiple Displays,iCloud Keychain,Notifications,and Finder Tabs.

In our previous post, I have already shown you how to open a new Finder Tab in OS X Mavericks, how about the rest, not just the major features, but also all the new features?

OS X Mavericks tips and tricks

Don’t worry, Apple got your back. After you upgraded/installed OS X Mavericks, you will get a notification that ask you to take a tour in Mavericks.

If you didn’t get the notification or you’ve just missed it, here is the link for you: https://help.apple.com/osx-mavericks/whats-new-from-mountain-lion

The link I provided above almost has all the information (tips and tricks) you might needed and I will keep posting new tips and tricks for OS X Mavericks, please stay tuned.

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