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Osiris Legends Released on App Store

Osiris Legends is full-fledged action roleplaying fun. Set in an Egyptian-themed fantasy world, a small band of skilled warriors are trained to be the bodyguards of their country’s God-King. They are betrayed and exiled and must fight their way across the planet to recover the shattered soul-crystals of the dead saint who might be able to restore order to a realm hurled into chaos.

Osiris Legends starts in the city of Khepri, ruled by the Ra; a God-King who fuses with the sun god himself to gain all-powerful wisdom and and magic. The old Ra was murdered twenty years ago. Since then, the continent has been threatened by the evil Apep, a race of technicians and scientists who use dark science to augment their abilities. But now, the old Ra’s two surviving sons are nearly of age. Soon, one will be chosen to fuse with the sun god, and peace should be restored with the return of the God-King. Four youthful warriors, called the Isis Knot, are trained to be the personal guard to the heirs of the Ra. You are Julian, leader of the Isis Knot, sworn never to betray the Ra. But what happens when the Ra betrays you? When the coronation goes awry, you and your exiled comrades of the Isis Knot are thrown into exile, where you must gather the Soul-Crystals of an ancient ritual. When your task is complete, you will be able to challenge the might of a corrupted God-King. But the sinister Apep seek the Soul-Crystals as well for their own dark purposes. You must defeat the false Ra God-King, thwart the Apep, and prove your own team’s innocence and loyalty to achieve victory in Osiris Legends!

Osiris Legends features full 3D worlds to explore, with many secrets and hidden rewards at every turn. Side-quests appear, giving you access to great rewards, but at great risk. Well over a dozen unique bosses engage you in titanic clashes of magic and strength, ranging from huge turtles and serpent-dragons to war machines and mighty sorcerers.
Play Osiris Legends. Experience a truly epic roleplaying adventure.

* More Than 20 Hours of Gameplay!
* Intricate Storyline!
* Full 3D Adventure
* Osiris Legends is ready-to-play and all inclusive the moment you download it; a complete roleplaying adventure with hours of action.
* Cities, villages, dungeons, outdoor adventures; it’s all here in Osiris Legends. Action Roleplaying Combat!
* iPad version coming in December 2011.

Osiris Legends features fast-moving real-time combat. You can attack, dodge, sidestep, backflip, cast spells, and use a variety of special energy attacks to annihilate the monsters, freaks, and undead that populate the world of Osiris Legends. Ultimately, you get 8 different characters from which to choose a battle party of 3. You choose which abilities and spells each person takes into combat, and can customize your selection before every fight. Your abilities and spells can shoot flaming arrows, leave explosive mines on the field of battle, heal your wounds by injuring the enemy, or even detonate an explosion at your own feet to knock back and stun the opponents.

Osiris Legends Features:

* Supports iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S. iPod generation 3+.
* No in-Game purchases required; everything is ready to play;
* More than 20 hours of intense game play;
* Action roleplaying combat with dozens of spells, abilities, and a fast-paced battle system;
* Intricate storyline with twists, humor, and sidequests;
* Dozens of amazing enemies with magical and physical power;
* Amazing 3D environments with secrets to ferret out in every encounter;
* Customize your character’s skills and abilities, and upgrade his weapons;
* Mix and match your party with 8 unique characters to draw on;

You can purchase Osiris Legends from app store for $8.99 USD. [App Store link]

Or you can download Osiris Legends IPA from the link given below right after the screenshots.

Osiris Legends ipaOsiris Legends 1.1 crackedOsiris Legends cracked ipa

Download Osiris Legends v1.1 cracked ipa – filesonic

Download Osiris Legends v1.1 cracked ipa – fileserve

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