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Out Of Office setting for Exchange in Mail.app

In Mail.app on Lion (and possibly on Snow Leopard as well) there are no obvious options to control out of office settings. For Exchange users, it appears the only option is to use Outlook Web Access (OWA).
However, there is a way to do this in Mail itself. Once the Exchange account is setup, right-click on any folder or sub-folder of the Exchange account and choose Get Account Info. Make sure the account in the drop down shows your Exchange account. Your second tab will say ‘Out Of Office.’
Interestingly, mine shows the last OoO config that I had last setup in OWA meaning it read the data from the Exchange server (this is convenient when you want to keep the body of the message the same and only change the applicable dates). Options are included for different auto-replies to internal or external entities and the ability to set it to run only for a certain time period (so we don’t forget to turn it off).
Basically all the functionality found in OWA is available in the Mac Mail client.


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