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OvenBreak INNERSPACE v2.11 gets bug fixes

OvenBreak INNERSPACEOvenBreak INNERSPACE Description:

OVENBREAK is now updated!
It’s the best OvenBreak ever!

To assure quality fun games for you, our user, Devsisters invites your input on any problems or Game-related issues to [email protected] It would help if you could give us 1. the description of the issue, 2. device (e.g., iPhone, iPod Touch), 3. model (e.g., 3S, 4, iPod Touch 1st generation), and 4. version of operating system (e.g., iOS 5.0.1). Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

* Introducing our additional character “Dozer.”
* Yet never fear, our hero GingerBrave will always be here!

But we’re not done yet. Keeps your fingers crossed for more great gingerbread journeys ahead!

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www.facebook.com/ovenbreak … Don’t forget to rate our Game!


“The game is a hit with the kids (from experience!) and adults (from experience!)”
– @enuhski (Twitter)

“We have here, one of these games that are so simple in its idea, yet unable to put down. Its colourful, scrumptious and an absolute joy to play. I recommend it for all.”
– Appmodo

“The best free iPhone games on the App Store”
– Pocket Gamer’s Trawler Report

“It is rare to find a platform game at such a price which gives you so much fun.”
– iphonetech78.wordpress.com

Watch OvenBreak “How to Video”
on Youtube at http://bit.ly/ovebreak_vid

1. Jelly Beans (Normal)
Nab them to score points. But be careful: some are hard to get at.

2. Alphabet Jelly (Special)
Collect and spell “FREEDOM” to replenish life.

3. Jump
Tap the Jump button to leap over gaps.

4. Slide
Tap Slide to slip under hanging objects.
Don’t slide too late or get up too early.

5. Candy Cane Swing
Tap Jump and then Slide, quickly, one after the other to swing from fixtures in the ceiling.

Jump, Slide (Swing once)

Jump, Slide, Slide (Multiple swing)
You can jump over large gaps in your path.

What’s New in Version 2.1

Completely New Level

What’s New in Version 2.11

Bug fixes
Various optimization

OvenBreak INNERSPACE ipa

OvenBreak INNERSPACE cracked ipa

Download OvenBreak INNERSPACE IPA

Version 2.11: LimeLinx | SlingFile

Version 2.1 : FileFactory | Mediafire

Download Full Version

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