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Panorama camera mode can be enable on iPhone soon

In the previous post,we talked about the iPhonehidden panorama camera mode has been exposed by jailbrekers. Some of you might really interested in it and will try to know how to get this thing enable. Well, if you have your iPhone jailbroken, you can enable it easily by install Cydia App ” Firebreak”. Not sure it will required iOS 5 or not, because this Cydia just has been submitted to Cydia by chpwn and conradev and will be out tomorrow.

Just submitted”Firebreak” to Cydia to enable that panorama Camera mode @conradev discovered for everyone,should be out tomorrow.

Once “Firebreak” Cydia App out, we will give you the full information about it. And..tutorial will be post also.

Update: Click here to download Firebreak Cydia app | Click here to see how to enable 



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