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Parkbud is free on App Store for a day

ParkbudParkbud for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Parkbud 2.0: the most comprehensive, beautifully designed parking & navigation app on the market.

With v2.0, Parkbud users everywhere can now:

-Find nearby parking garages
-Pay for parking anywhere in the world where mobile payment accepted
-Keep a Library of Parking Payment Data so you can pay / renew anywhere
-Find nearby & favorite points of interest (Gas, Food, Repair)
-Track meter time & car location
-Get Reminders when parking time is expired
-Get Up to the minute directions back to your car with (3.2+):
-Compass, Routing, Rotating map
-Track Parking Space when GPS not available
-Take a photo of location, car, parking fees
-Take notes on parking restrictions, errands


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• Official Appstore: “Who knew that finding parking with your iPhone could be so sexy?”
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“Parkbud for iPhone is probably one of the coolest ways to find out that your parking meter has just expired, complete with cool…sound effects, beautiful UI animations, & a lovely icon for your Springboard….”

App Scout: “Sexy Parked Car Finder”
“Parkbud has the beauty & sophistication that quite possibly will encourage you to use it when you are only parked in your garage.”

“ The app itself resembles a handcrafted, expensive timepiece, complete with simulated moving parts, ticking clock hands, rotating gears, & polished buttons that gives the app a defined, but techie feel.

“The app doesn’t just look pretty either. Finding parking is accurate, setting the meter time is simple…”


NEW IN 2.0:

-Make Phone Calls or SMS within App to purchase parking
-Library of Parking Providers: Create / Edit Payment entries
-Reminders before paid parking time expires.
-Integrated meter time tracking inside app
-Remember Terms of Use, Provider Information, Username Data, License Plate #, etc.
-SMS Format Pattern Creator
-Pre-populate sms with parking data in format for payment
-Calculate Costs based on time of day, duration, Parking rules, parking type
-Visit parking providers’ website in-app

-Points of Interest: Parking, Gas, Auto Repair, Emergency, ATMs…
-Create / Edit / Rearrange by press & hold pins & favorite places.
-Animated sliding doors & rotating map
-Swipeable circular dial to set meter time quickly
-Parking Spot Widget: Spinning wheels for color, level, space number
-Track Parking Spot when No GPS

-Control the look & feel of the app
-Customize the interface to your needs by toggling features on / off

• Gorgeous Digital Clock & Ticking Mechanical Timepiece
• Spinning Time Wheel & Alarm Calculator

• Instant Directions: Find your car with walking directions, addresses, distance, & time. (OS 3.2+)
• Save Your Car’s Location: Drag it around to a new position. (Dragging: OS 3.2+)
• Find Nearby Parking Garages.

• Add, Take, Upload, & Edit A Photo of parking location, parking fees, & restrictions. Crop & scale.

• 5 Sheet Swipeable Notepad: Easy to use, gorgeous sheets of virtual paper bound with a leather cover. Animated & Interactive.
• Quick Reminders: Jot down lparking level & fees, errands to run, etc.

★Please Note★
Compatible with iPhone 3.0+. Parkbud v2.0: 15 languages, while Parkbud Pay & Parkbud Plus: English & German.
For support & questions, please email: [email protected]

What’s New in Version 2.0.1

Many New Features including Worldwide Mobile Parking Payment, and with Parkbud Plus: find and create favorite points of interest such as Nearby Gas Stations, Car Repair, ATMs; Compass; flashlight; Save Parking Spot data even when have No GPS, & Speed Dialer to set the meter time.
Bug Fixes (calculation of payment details)

Parkbud ipa

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