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PDF Expert v4.5 IPA for iPad

PDF ExpertDescription

PDF Expert now supports retina display. Please notice, that there is an iOS bug, which is not displaying the PDF Expert icon on your home-screen properly. Just reboot your iPad and it should help.

PDF Expert is the ultimate solution for all your PDF needs. It lets you read and annotate PDF documents, highlight text, make notes, draw with your finger and save these changes being compatible with Preview and Adobe Acrobat. Moreover, PDF Expert is the only iPad application that can fill PDF forms!

PDF Expert does read almost all document types like: iWork, MS Office, Power Point, text files, images, even music and video files, etc.

PDF Expert can get documents from any place you may need. PDF files from desktop computers, email attachments, documents on the Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, GoogleDocs and even in other iPad applications could be accessed with PDF Expert.

Annotations made with PDF Expert are saved within the document in accordance with PDF format specification. Thus PDF Expert can edit highlights, text notes and other annotations created in Apple Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader and vise versa. At the same time this lets you share annotated files with friends and co-workers.

PDF forms made with Adobe Acrobat are supported in PDF Expert. Text fields, check boxes, radio buttons and other form elements work as you expect and all information you entered is saved inside the form. Please note that Dynamic XML PDF Forms made with Adobe LifeCycle should be converted to Static PDF Forms format before using with PDF Expert.

With PDF Expert you can:

★ Highlight text
Mark important things in books, journals or documents you want to review.

★ Fill Forms
Work with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat.

★ Create notes
Add comments to the text you read.

★ Draw with your finger
Use it to make handwritten notes or highlight text in scanned books.

★ Save Bookmarks
Create table of contents for your document right on the iPad.

★ Underline and Strike-Through words
Mark-up errors and emphasize important sentences.

✚ More to come
Additional types of PDF annotations are coming in the updates.

What else PDF Expert lets you do:

✓ Read PDFs with ease
PDF Expert has one of the best PDF viewers on the iPad. It opens large files, supports full text search, handles PDF links and outlines, opens password protected documents and extracts text from the PDFs.

✓ Copy Files From Mac or PC via Wi-Fi and USB
Use iTunes file sharing to transfer files directly to your iPad via USB cable. As an alternative you can connect to the iPad running PDF Expert via Wi-Fi and operate it like a wireless flash drive. No additional software is required.

✓ Save Email Attachments
Open attachments directly from the Mail app. Also, you can forward email with attachment to your unique Readdle Storage mail-in address and save it to your device using PDF Expert.

✓ Edit Documents on iDisk, Dropbox, GoogleDocs and Other Storages
PDF Expert allows you to download and upload files from MobileMe iDisk, Dropbox, GoogleDocs and other services. If you use more than one online storage, PDF Expert will handle all of them.

✓ Share Files With Your Friends
Email files directly from PDF Expert with all annotations preserved.

✓ Protect Application with Password
Restrict access to PDF Expert with the password to protect your files from unauthorised reading.

NOTE 1: Please note that Dynamic XML PDF Forms made with Adobe LifeCycle should be converted to Static PDF Forms format before using with PDF Expert.
NOTE 2: We can not reply you in comments. If you have any comments or issues, please contact us directly at http://readdle.com/contact

What’s New in Version 4.0.2

– fixed forms flattening

What’s New in Version 4.0.1

This is recommended bugfix update for PDF Expert 4.0:

– fixed multiple selections of documents in thumbnail mode
– fixed image insertion in PDF
– fixed position of PDF Expert in Open In dialogs

What’s New in Version 4.0

– PDF Expert now supports retina display on the new iPad
– PDF Portfolios and PDF videos enrich the use of PDFs on your iPad
– Document Thumbnails are added to help you browsing your files

What’s New in Version 4.5

New in PDF Expert 4.5
– Annotate images
– Full screen reading
– Performance improvements

New in PDF Expert 4.4
– GoogleDrive sync
– integration with PDF Converter by Readdle
– Faster viewer (esp. thumbnails view)
– Automatically saving changes to your PDFs
– Protect PDF files from corruption

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